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Design and Engineering


Castek Innovations has an experienced staff on hand to review design and engineer tooling, fixtures and custom work based on the customers specification. We have acquired CAD/ CAM software over the years to match up with many of our customers needs. Solidworks is now our main engineering software used but as shown on the facilities list, we use several others and can translate virtually anything in the market today.

CNC Machining/ CAM Package


Use customer surface data and create machine data using Solidworks. We then use information in one of our CAM, Computer Aided Machine, packages used to machine a model or pattern.

Epoxy Laminated Forms


Our experience with laminated epoxy fiberglass forms is one of our strengths. We have had epoxy tooling supply representatives at our shop and they have never seen such workmanship and strength of a laminate like we produce. We use a wide range of materials, quick setting, high and low temperature as well as pourable polyurethanes to make patterns and tooling.

Fabrication (Steel & Aluminum)


We design and fabricate all of our structural frames and weldments. We have a wide range of welding equipment to weld steel and aluminum

General Machining and Assembly


Machinery to cut large models and patterns as well as general machining such as milling, turning, cutting and drilling



Our company has over 60 years of combined molding experience in low pressure compression forming, vacuum forming, trimming and other special processes that we can simulate using our equipment. We are striving to improve this area to help our customers prototype products before bringing them to market

Reverse Engineering


We have several products which allow us to take something that was changed midstream in the process and retrieve the change by scanning and recreating a surface that can be sent to a customers engineering department to incorporate into their design. We also have outside contractors who can laser scan and provide this surface with very precise detail..

CMM Inspection & Layout of Parts


Our CMM " Coordinate Measurement Machine", is used to scribe trimlines along with inspecting tooling that has been finished and must be certified that it matches the customers CAD data. Our equipment is large enough to inspect a car body and is a system similar to ones used in automotive assembly plants. The inspection software, PCDIMIS is an automotive industry standard.

Project Management


Staff on hand to work between customer, our shop and outside contractors to schedule and track each job to make sure that schedules are held and costs are held in check. We our proud of our customer service and follow up after the work is complete.

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