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Waterjet Fixtures

A waterjet fixture is a laminated epoxy form that is designed to hold the customers workpiece in place, fully supported, so a high pressure waterjet robot may cut the workpiece. This needs to be a repeatable process therefore the fixture must be able to hold up over many thousands of cycles Fixtures are custom built to suit our customers needs. Fixtures are baffled using stainless steel and other materials capable of lasting over many thousands of cycles.

Assembly Fixtures

These fixtures are used for secondary attaching to customers products and include stapling, edgefolding, infrared heating and pressing, gluing, and other miscellaneous applications. Fixtures are either manual or automated depending on the customers demands.

Poke Yoke Fixtures

A poke yoke fixture's function is used to inspect the customers workpiece either with simple mechanical checks or using photoeyes or fiber optic sensors. Sophisticated fixtures have interactive touch screens which show the workpiece and the check points designating what is in or out of specifcation. These fixtures are custom built to each customer specification.

Check Fixtures

Designed to customers specifications either machined to their surface data or machined to data we configure from their information.

Fixtures are either machined or an epoxy laminated form made off of a machined surface. Fixtures are inspected on our CMM ( Coordinate Measuring Machine ) to verify the fixture matches the data to with the build tolerance.

Fixtures are painted using an automotive enamel paint and clear coated to help keep fixture clean and lines in tact while being used within the customers daily process.

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